Scrambler Mid II - Ultra-Light Hiker With Michelin Fiberlite Sole
Scrambler Mid II - Ultra-Light Hiker With Michelin Fiberlite Sole
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Scrambler Mid II - Ultra-Light Hiker With Michelin Fiberlite Sole

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Why You’ll Love Scrambler Mid II

Scrambler Mid II – Ultralight Technical Hiking Boot

Ever have that feeling at the end of an epic hike where you can’t wait to kick off your heavy, stiff boots?

You’ll never feel that again when you wear the updated Scrambler Mid II. They’re so lightweight and breathable that you might forget to take them off.

The Michelin sole gives an excellent sense of the ground, but with good grip. I now have lightweight hiking shoes that let me feel the trail with an ample toe box and flexible sole.

Jonathan K., Verified Scrambler Mid II Customer

Like Wearing Mountain Bike Tires on Your Feet

Scrambler Mid II is a collaboration with Michelin, the car and bike tire company.

If you could see inside the thin Michelin fiberlite sole, you’d find an embedded textile layer, giving the sole unparalleled strength, flexibility, and lightness.

Plus, with mud-shedding lugs inspired by Michelin’s high-performance mountain bike tires, you feel the confidence that comes with incredible grip.

A man adjusting the laces on his Scrambler Mid II boots while outside standing on rocks
A close up shot of a man walking along a rocky trail in his Scrambler Mid II boots

Extra Protection with an "Illusion"

The Scrambler Mid II may appear to have a thick sole, leading you to assume that Xero Shoes has sold out.

Far from it. While the boot has a thin layer of our TrailFoam™ to provide extra comfort and protection on rough trails, the thick sole is an illusion created by our design team to make this look like a conventional hiking boot. You get the lightweight flexibility you’ve come to expect from Xero Shoes. Averaging just 11.7 oz per shoe (men’s 9), a pair of the Scrambler Mid II weighs less than just one single boot from most other companies.

Like all our shoes, the Scrambler Mid II is made to give you season after season of outdoor fun and is covered by our 5,000-mile sole warranty.

Comfortable from Trailhead to Summit

Keep your feet protected from dirt, debris, and mud with the Scrambler Mid II’s upgraded abrasion-resistant, vegan-friendly, breathable upper and welded sidewalls. 

Stay dry and comfortable with the moisture-wicking lining that still allows airflow even on the hottest days on the trail.

And when the elements give you an extra challenge, attach your favorite gaiter to the included hook and tackle the next peak.

Whether you take it for a day trip or a month-long thru-hike, the Scrambler Mid II is your perfect companion to Live Life Feet First!

A man wearing Scrambler Mid II boots leaping from one rock to another outside on a hike

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Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester