Why should you wear barefoot shoes?

Walk naturally

Due to the thin sole of barefoot shoes, you must walk the right way. You are automatically forced to walk naturally. You have direct contact with the ground, and you can feel it.
A hard landing on the heel is unnatural, does not feel comfortable, and is an attack on the joints. This is only possible in modern shoes, thanks to the built-in cushioning. On barefoot shoes, you go to a metatarsal or forefoot landing. Then you use the built-in shock absorption of your legs while walking.


Prevent Typical injuries

A large stride length ( possible with traditional running shoes ) gives a lot of tension on, for example, the hamstrings and increases the risk of overload/injuries. Due to the smaller stride length when walking on barefoot shoes, a strain or muscle tear is less common.


Improve your blood flow

Continuous training of your feet significantly improves blood flow. So you are less likely to get tired feet and stay away longer from cramps. In summer, your feet can lose their heat faster; in winter, they stay warm longer. People with diabetes ( thickened blood ), for example, can also make progress with this.


Get super strong feet

A lot of walking barefoot or barefoot shoes gives strong feet, and you are the first to notice that in the strength in your toes. Control of the middle three returns, and the GROTE / small toe duo improves the foot's balance. The arches return to shape, so the position of your feet can change. You can also get some muscle pain in the beginning.


Healthier for your entire body

Not only do your feet benefit from walking in barefoot shoes, but your whole body benefits. Your legs become stronger, and the changed gait relieves your joints, bands, tendons, and muscles.



First you need to build your barefoot awareness on barefoot shoes. Only do things that you would do barefoot at first. For example: walking over sharp rocks etc. Give your feet and barefoot shoe to adjust.


Run faster

When running, go from the heel landing to the metatarsal or forefoot landing. This ensures a smaller stride length. But because your landing takes place directly below the center of gravity of your body, you can develop more forward speed. So your pace can go up, and eventually, you walk faster on barefoot sneakers than on traditional sneakers.


Barefoot shoes brands

All barefoot shoes give your toes space to move. The separated toes in Vibram Fivefingers approach natural walking optimally. In addition to Vibram FiveFingers, you can also contact us for Vibram and other brands of barefoot shoes, such as Merrell, and Vivobarefoot. Visit our Marketplace.


Experience with every step

Whichever model and color you choose to walk with, every step on Vibram Fivefingers is an experience.



Do you want more explanation? Then follow training with one of our trainers.