Correct Toes In-Shoe Toe Spacers
Correct Toes In-Shoe Toe Spacers
Correct Toes In-Shoe Toe Spacers
Correct Toes In-Shoe Toe Spacers
Correct Toes In-Shoe Toe Spacers
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Correct Toes In-Shoe Toe Spacers


These toe spacers are created by the Correct Toes company.  They can be worn inside Lems during activity. It is recommended to remove the insole of the shoe in order to create ample space inside the toe area. Wearing Correct Toes during activity can increase the re-aligning effect of the toes back to their natural position. They can be worn during running, walking, and hiking to spread and strengthen the toes naturally.  

Correct Toes naturally help reverse the effects of bunions and hammer toes. Correct Toes are the World's only toe spacer designed to be worn inside footwear. They're great for runner's that want a healthier toe splay to improve balance, and to properly spread the toes upon foot strike.
Re-aligning Transition Period
Correct Toes have been tested and proven by hundreds of patients to re-align the toes and straighten the big Toe, however, a proper re-aligning period must be accounted for.  The time period varies based on how often and how long they are worn, and how quickly the toes of the individual responds to them.  Most individuals will notice wider spaces between their toes after about 4 weeks when worn for several hours every other day.  For patients that are trying to straighten the big toe from the effects of bunions, the Correct Toes need to be worn regularly for several months.  Some severe toe deformities may never be completely corrected, however Correct Toes will improve the alignment of your toes when you dedicate proper time each week until you are satisfied with your new natural toe spread.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester